Construction Hoisting: Material Handling, Electric winch, Windlass, Gantry Cranes, Pile driver, China

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   Pingyang Construction Hoisting Machinery Co.,Ltd. (CH MACHINERY) is a professional factory involved in manufacturing and marketing the best quality various construction hoisting machinery for a wide range and variety of customers home and abroad. Located in Aojiang town, Southeast China, about 60km north to Wenzhou airport and East China Sea.
Our first factory established in 1985, we invest & set up a modern factory in Wuhu city of Anhui province in 2008 with main products of winches, cranes. Our products cover more than 1,000 varieties in more than 30 series, including construction winch, mine winch, gantry crane, pile driver and many more, they are widely used for building, bridge and port construction, dry dock slipway traction, factory, marine, mine, large-scale installation project, match lifting equipment and other hoisting or traction engineering loading and unloading.

  With best and consistent quality, our products are being on export to Mexico, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Middle east countries and etc., and also well serving our local market.

  We have a deep understanding and judgment in excellence and disadvantage of latest industry technical developments and production of this industry. In the designing and manufacturing of pile driver, electric winch, crane and so on production we adopt most advanced, credibility and suitable technology for reference and enhance strong points and avoid weaknesses for supplying perfect product to client. So that our products have the high technology and quality at the beginning of the design.

  With high credit standing, best quality products and service system, and the competitive price policy, we sincerely look forward to establishing a stable long-term strategical business cooperation with you.